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Episode 083: Mix of classic rock, alternative, and blues - The Rogue Electrics

August 30, 2022


Episode 83

The Rogue Electrics


The Rogue Electrics are an independent
original rock band and recording artist from
Milwaukee Wisconsin that sound like a mix of
classic rock, alternative rock, and blues.

The Rogue Electrics name came from the fact that I am
the last in line of a family of electricians. My Grandpa,
dad, and uncles have a family business called Rogahn
Electric. I was never exposed to learning the trade. The
band name is a tribute to my dad and family who were
the ones that turned me onto all of the classic rock
music I now love. I felt that naming this band The
Rogue Electrics was a way for me to carry on my
family’s legacy while serving to be a symbol of the blue
collar type workmanship required to make a good
independent band. The logo design is based on the font
style from the Rogahn Electric work jackets that my
family used to wear on the job.


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