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Episode 074: Blues and then some, Jay Stulo

Episode 074: Blues and then some, Jay Stulo

May 10, 2022

Episode 74


Jay Stulo has been playing, fronting, and leading blues bands since the late 1980’s. He has toured the nation several times and released 5 CD’s. Jay first picked up guitar at the age of 14, learning some basic chords from his father, a early rock-a-billy guitarist. He joined his first working bar band Gypsy Rose at the age of 17.

Jay hit the road early with blues legend Luther Allison, then later with James Solberg. Jay co-founded The Mighty Aces in 1996 and toured full-time for a decade leading the The Jay Stulo Band. After taking some time away from music in 2006, Jay picked up his guitar returned to the stage in 2016. It did not take long to get back on top of his game, first as part of the West Coast style Jay Edward Band and now leading an all new Jay Stulo Band.

Influenced by multiple genres, Jay is not a traditional blues artist by any means, and this is not your grandfather’s blues - versatile, high energy guitar pyrotechnics, rock-tinged hooks, and gut-bucket vocals make for a show to remember.

YouTube channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/c/JayStulo
Episode 073: Ugandan-born, Wisconsin Resident Ben Mulwana

Episode 073: Ugandan-born, Wisconsin Resident Ben Mulwana

May 3, 2022


Episode 73

Ben Mulwana


Ben Mulwana is a Ugandan-born and raised artist residing in Wisconsin.  Ben released his debut EP, "Wano Naawe", in June 2019.  Ben's most recently released work is his Single, "Lies of the Devil" available on all streaming platforms, and he is set to release his next project in Spring 2022.  With soulful lyrics and a diverse range of musical inspiration, Ben's music has a storytelling quality that is both unique and familiar. Playing various shows from New York to Minnesota, and everywhere in between, he strives to share his heart through his music with everyone he meets.
Episode 072:  Singer/Songwriter Peggy James - 2nd appearance

Episode 072: Singer/Songwriter Peggy James - 2nd appearance

April 19, 2022


Episode 72

Peggy James


With The Parade, Peggy James Revisits Favorite Songs
and Adds to Her Catalog
Due Out Digitally Nov.19, 2021
Peggy James’ The Parade is an album of quiet strength, fervent hope and unshakeable
faith. The Parade, her sixth album, stands on the strong shoulders of previous releases. It’s a “best-of” and a “what’s new?” featuring five new recordings of favorite songs from her earlier albums and six new songs written in 2021.

Like her previous albums, many influences can be heard yet The Parade refuses to be
easily categorized. And yet, The Parade is rooted above all in the ballad and storytelling
traditions of American country music.

At the heart of The Parade is Peggy James’ voice, pure as a morning in spring, unafraid
yet sensitive to the nuances of the words she sings. She has written her own material since her recording career began.

 “Most of my inspiration for writing comes from observing people, places, events and my
own life experiences,” Peggy says. “When something strikes me as interesting, I try to weave a story around it and become a character in the story that makes the idea come alive—like an actor would if given a part,” she continues. “Then I know I’m ready to write it into a song. Usually, the words and the music pretty much appear simultaneously as a rough draft. Then I carve the song until I'm satisfied that the emotion, melody and words express what I intended it to. The first song on the album, ‘I Go With Me’ is a perfect example of this process.”

Peggy accompanies herself throughout The Parade on acoustic guitar. Most of the other
instrumental tracks were performed by her producer and longtime musical partner, Jim Eannelli, who endows the music with its genre-spanning scope. “Willow” is old school country, not more than a few miles down the road from the Carter Family and other seminal country artists.

“Thousand Reasons,” however, has the cadence of one of those great ‘60s hits that hovered somewhere between Nashville and the Top-40. The title track, closing the album, is an anthemic rock song, the collection’s hardest, most electric track.

Common themes recur throughout The Parade. There is the devotion that comes with
caring deeply about another person, but also the search for direction and guidance in a time of confusion.

One of Peggy’s earlier songs rerecorded for The Parade, “Joan of Arc,” sounds timelier
today than when first released in 2010. It’s the account of a woman of conviction, standing straight and moving forward against all obstacles. The Parade will be released digitally on November 19, 2021 with a CD release to follow in 2022.

For information on Peggy James please visit:

Public Relations contact:
Gary Tanin • Daystorm Music • (414) 321-9956 • daystormusic@garytanin.com

Episode71: Part 2 of Raine Stern

Episode71: Part 2 of Raine Stern

April 12, 2022


Episode 071

Raine Stern part 2


New Glarus native, Raine Stern is a Band Leader, Composer, Guitarist, Singer...and more.  This is part 1 of an almost 2 hour interview I had with Raine. 


Episode 070: Part 1 - Band Leader, Composer, Guitarist, Singer - Raine Stern

Episode 070: Part 1 - Band Leader, Composer, Guitarist, Singer - Raine Stern

April 5, 2022


Episode 070, part 1

Raine Stern


New Glarus native, Raine Stern is a Band Leader, Composer, Guitarist, Singer...and more.  This is part 1 of an almost 2 hour interview I had with Raine. 


Episode #068: Touring Musician, Drummer, Educator, Author - Ben Hans

Episode #068: Touring Musician, Drummer, Educator, Author - Ben Hans

March 29, 2022

Episode 068


Ben Hans is a percussionist, author, clinician and music instructor based in Nashville, Tennessee. As an educator, Ben has nearly three decades of experience teaching private lessons as well as many years spent as a collegiate music educator.

Ben cut his teeth performing as a freelance artist under the tutelage of Jazz Guitarist Jack Grassel and the late Swing Clarinetist Chuck Hedges. Ben currently performs nationwide with Kip Winger Acoustic (Winger) and Eric Martin Acoustic (Mr. Big) and has shared the stage performing with a diverse list of artists including: Walter Egan, PJ Farley, Rock Guitarists Reb Beach, John Roth and Jorge Salan, Rock Vocalist Fiona, Jazz Pianist Barry Harris, Jazz Saxophonists Eric Morones, Johnny Padilla, Berkely Fudge and Jesse Lee Montijo, Jazz Guitarists Steve Peplin and Michael Arnold, Percussionists John S. Pratt, Mitch Markovich, Dominick Cuccia and Jeff Salisbury, Blues Acts Altered Five and Jonny T-Bird & the MPs many more artists in a variety of genres.

Ben is an author, proofreader, freelance editor and session performer for Hal Leonard Publishing, with published works including: “Workin’ Drums – 50 Solos for Drum Set,” “40 Intermediate Snare Drum Solos,” “Rudimental Solos for the Marching Snare Drummer,” “Modern School for Mallet Keyboard Instruments,” “Hal Leonard School for Snare Drum,” and transcriptions of Ray Luzier’s “Double Bass Drum Techniques,” as well as performing on, writing, editing and music directing the Hal Leonard DVD “Traditional Rudimental Drumming,” by John S. Pratt.

Ben is a Yamaha Performing Artist who also currently endorses Aquarian Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, Mike Balter Mallets, Impression Cymbals and Tycoon Percussion. Ben is a member of ASCAP and John S. Pratt’s ‘International Association of Traditional Drummers’. For more information check the website at www.benhans.com

Episode 067: Thoughts For Food Music Benifit for the Racine Foodbank with Nick and Ruth

Episode 067: Thoughts For Food Music Benifit for the Racine Foodbank with Nick and Ruth

March 3, 2022


Episode 067

Thoughts For Food


In the late fall of 1992, Mark Paffrath (then Executive Director of Racine County Project Emergency), Steve Klinkhammer, Bill May, and Ron Schultz (Vets 21 of Racine), and Dave Popoff (George's Tavern) developed Thoughts For Food™ as a benefit to support Project Emergency.  Racine County Project Emergency, now the Racine County Food Bank, is a non-profit, United Way supported organization that supplies food to residents in need in Racine County.  Vets 21 of Racine had previously sponsored several food and fund raising benefits for the Racine County Food Bank and wanted to continue its efforts while allowing for greater input and support from the community.  What developed was the concept of local musicians donating their "thoughts for food."  This would give Racine area musicians an opportunity to showcase their talents and the community a chance to respond with food and cash donations for the Food Bank. Thoughts For Food™ 1, held on February 27, 1993, featured twelve acts on one stage.  The event was held at George's and the tavern was filled beyond capacity before the first act had finished.  Admission to Thoughts For Food™ 1 was $3 and a non-perishable food item.  The event raised $1,200 and 435 pounds of food. Since then, the annual event has grown in size as has the amount of food and funds contributed. This year's event will feature venues in the "River North" and Downtown areas of Racine. 


The success of Thoughts For Food™ has always depended on the support of its volunteers. Over the past 24 years, hundreds of dedicated people and families from VVA 767, the Racine County Food Bank, and the general Racine community helped by staffing the event, distributing and collecting food contribution boxes during the month of February, photographing the event and doing the myriad other tasks that make the event successful. In addition, several hundred band members, sound and lighting techs, and other contributors to the event gave unselfishly of their time and talent. 

Over its 29 years, Thoughts For Food™ has raised over $525,000 and more than 120,000 pounds of food for the Racine County Food Bank! It is truly a peaceful demonstration of caring and concern by Racine area residents!  


Thoughts For Food™ benefits . . .


To efficiently and effectively obtain resources and facilitate the distribution of food, and other necessities through a network of direct service providers to individuals and families of Racine County who are in need.  In doing so, we will equalize the distribution of resources throughout the community and advocate on behalf of the community to reduce hunger.


For over 35 years the Racine County Food Bank has operated an efficient and successful food program. Funding and support of it's operation has come from all areas of the community as well as from the FEMA, which is managed by RCFB.  Because of community involvement and a great staff, Racine County Food Bank is able to help supply the emergency food network in Racine County.


     For further information on Racine County Food Bank visit the web site at:


or contact:

Racine County Food Bank
2000 DeKoven Avenue, Racine, WI 53403-2481
(262) 632-2307
fax (262) 632-2643

2021 Thoughts for Food TM

Episode 066: Studio Musician, Producer, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Singer/songwriter, Emily Zimmer

Episode 066: Studio Musician, Producer, Entrepreneur, Teacher, Singer/songwriter, Emily Zimmer

February 22, 2022


Episode 66

Emily Zimmer


Wisconsin rock musician Emily Zimmer is a soulful singer/songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and producer. She has played on hundreds of singles and albums as a session musician, made 9 albums with her own groups, and taught hundreds of music students.  Ms. Zimmer, a regular performer at Summerfest and Milwaukee Pride, is a proud Wisconsin Music Ventures artist.

Emily's unshakable passion for the musical artform has kept her touring, recording, and performing internationally since 2002. She is a graduate of Milwaukee Area Technical College and Carroll University.

Here is my official website: 
...and I encourage folks to sign up for my email newsletter:
Here's the BandCamp page, the easiest and most direct way to get a full album download: 
and once my new gig roster is posted, it will be visible here: 
Here are the two platforms through which I do remote session work on guitar and bass, as well as full-song production and custom songwriting/production.  Folks can hire me directly through these profiles:
Emily Zimmer on AirGigs: 
Emily Zimmer on SoundBetter: 



Instagram: @emilyzimmermusic


TikTok: @emilyzimmermusic


Facebook: facebook.com/emilyzimmermusic

Since you asked for artists I've been listening to who should get a shout-out, here are a handful:
Tae/Tae & the Neighborly: https://www.facebook.com/thisistaemusic
RAF and Company: https://rafandcompany.com/
Ben Harold & the Rising: https://benharoldmusic.com/
Kat & the Hurricane: https://katandthehurricane.com/
Episode 004 Rebroadcast: Wisconsin Music Ventures with Allison Emm

Episode 004 Rebroadcast: Wisconsin Music Ventures with Allison Emm

February 15, 2022


Rebroadcast of Episode 004

Wisconsin Music Ventures 

Allison Emm 


Here is the rebroadcast of Episode 004 with Allison Emm of Wisconsin Music Podcast.


Wisconsin Music Podcast interviews Allison Emm of Wisconsin Music Ventures this week. Allison is a great resource for WIsconsin musicians, take a listen to this weeks interview and hear how her organization can benefit you.

From her website, www.WisconsinMusicVentures.com 

Motivating musicians and audiences to experience inspiring performance environments by partnering with unlikely local destinations.

Wisconsin Music Ventures is a program that was founded in the summer of 2019 by Milwaukee area musician and private instructor Allison Schweitzer (Allison Emm is her business name). Her idea was to plan events that might be different, engaging and exciting for her private students and others to attend, being held at interesting – when possible outdoor – locations.

In planning these experiences for her private studio, she thought a) wouldn’t it be great to open some up to other students, and b) many of these “venues” would be amazing, scenic spots at which other local musicians could perform small-scale concerts.


Website www.WisconsinMusicPodcast.com

Sponsored by: ZTF Studio at www.ZTFstudio.com

Podcast Song written by Nate Wycoff and has a recording studio at https://www.frequencyfarmrecordingstudio.com/

Voice Over Intro by Dean Bundy

Episode 065: Book Live App Creator, Music Educator, & Entrepreneur - Jared Judge

Episode 065: Book Live App Creator, Music Educator, & Entrepreneur - Jared Judge

February 8, 2022



Episode 65

Jared Judge

Dream City Music, BookLive, Gigging Musician Podcast, Gigging Secrets

  • Jared Judge has had a diverse career in Music and Technology. Having two degrees in music, he served as an elementary and high school band director and ran a non-profit opera house. As a self-proclaimed tech geek, he has built many websites and apps. When he launched his wedding string quartet, Dream City Strings, it immediately became the top-gigging string quartet in Milwaukee. As the administrative work piled high, he launched BookLive as a tool to automate much of that work and to help other musicians run profitable live music businesses. He now coaches hundreds of performing groups on making a living off of music.
  • www.facebook.com/JaredJudge
  • www.linkedin.com/in/jared-judge
  • twitter.com/jaredjudge
  • www.instagram.com/jaredjudge/




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